Protein Function Easily Investigated by Genomics Data Mining Using the ProteINSIDE Online Tool

Nicolas Kaspric, Matthieu Reichstadt, Brigitte Picard, Jérémy Tournayre, Muriel Bonnet

GCB, Vol. 1, No. 1 (2015): e16


Nowadays, genomic and proteomic studies produce vast amounts of data. To get the biological meaning of these data and to generate testable new hypothesis, scientists must use several tools often not designed for ruminant studies. Here we present ProteINSIDE: an online tool to analyse lists of protein or gene identifiers from well-annotated species (human, rat, and mouse) and ruminants (cow, sheep, and goat). The aims of ProteINSIDE modules are to gather biological information stores in well-updated public databases, to proceed to annotations according to the Gene Ontology consortium, to predict potentially secreted proteins, and to search for proteins interactions. ProteINSIDE provides results from several software and databases in a single query. From a list of identifiers, ProteINSIDE uses orthologs or homologs to extend analyses and biological information retrieval. As a tutorial, we presented how to launch, to recover, to view, and to interpret the results provided by the two types of analysis available with ProteINSIDE (basic and custom analyses). ProteINSIDE is freely available using a simple internet browser at The results of this article are provided on the home page of ProteINSIDE website as the example of an analysis results.


Online tool; workflow; protein function; protein interaction; protein secretion; gene ontology; networks; ruminant; genomics.

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